Survival Watches When in the Outdoors

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Are you looking for the most ideal watches to outdoors? It will definitely be a kind of watch that’ll continue ticking even after the bump and crash of the outside world.  There are so many survival watches that you can find these days. These watches are made and designed tough enough to keep up with the outdoor actions.

outdoor watch

Since there are so many lines of women and men’s watches available today and if you don’t know much about survival and rugged watches, it may be hard for you to choose which one to buy. You probably have to do the right research for you to get the right ideas about how to pick the best survival watch, depending on your needs and even your budget.

How to Spot the Best

Obviously, it will never be easy to find the best survival watch for you. You probably have to go through a lot of searching and a lot of inquiring to do. With the plenty of options that can be found around, you have to spend some time and effort to be able to buy the best one for you.

For you to be able to spot the best watch to buy to use outdoors, you just have to focus your choice in several factors such as your budget, the kind of activity that you’re in as well the brand and the design that you want. One of the best and the easiest way to get the best idea of the best watches around is to check out some online reviews and what others can say.

Surviving Outdoors

When you tend to stay outside for some great outdoor actions and adventures, you are definitely aware of the encounters that you have to beat. A sudden change of weather extreme conditions, bumps, shocks, sweat and all that are what’s making the outdoors tough. In order to be your own survivor man, you need to keep the time and truck it right.

If you wanted to survive the outdoors with style and charm, wearing the best outdoor watch is a perfect idea. There are many reasons why wearing the best watch outdoor is a great option for outdoor enthusiasts. When you’re outside, you need to make yourself aware of the time as well as be able to know your location and record your performance. And there are rugged watches that can give you all that.

Best Survival Watches Today

Since we can’t give you much detail about every watches available around, let’s just take a good look on some of the best ones these days.

 Casio G-Shock MRG-7600. It has a complete range of features that you’ll find very useful in the outdoors. It has a chronograph, an automatic calendar, and radio calibration, water-resistant and with alarm. It’s also solar powered, in which can be used around and outside any day, any time.

pro tek

Casio ProTrek. This watch is for great navigation and prediction of weather. It is considered as one of the best outdoor watches to have. It is solar powered and very fashionable to wear.

There are so many other best watches available in the market. In order to get a good list, check out the internet and see which ones suit your needs and your budget while giving you the best time outdoors!


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Best Hunting Sites in Alberta

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For many hunters, nothing beats the feeling of bringing home a trophy deer. There’s always a sense of accomplishment in taking one down.  That’s the best reason why more and more people are getting so attracted to hunting.


When you’re up and ready for some hunting splurge, you can head off the rocky mountains of Alberta. For you to be able to have the best hunting experience, it is important that you’re in the right place or location. Not to forget about the rules and regulations for hunting where some areas are prohibited and you can’t just hunt anywhere.

Hunting in Alberta

Alberta has become so popular with hunters. It’s a perfect place to be if you wanted to achieve your first hunting trophy. There are so many hunting opportunities around the place. You can find numbers of parks which offers opportunities for aspiring hunters to pursue their hunting trance.

For first time hunters, make sure that you get all the information needed before heading to Alberta. Take time to know and understand all the hunting regulations. You also have to remember that there are hunting seasons and zones. It’s the best way to make sure that parks and wildlife are not getting exhausted too much. Some of the known places to hunt are Wildland Parks and Heritage Rangelands.

One last thing, when you’re hunting in Alberta, makes sure that you carry the right gun and probably secure all the necessary documents. That is to protect you against possible issues on firearms to arise. Remember, you’d be using an air rifle or a gun. In that case, you still have to clear things out before going for a hunt with it.

More Hunting Ideas

According to some seasoned hunters, you can never master the art of hunting. Every time they go out for a hunt, they always learn something new. It’s also not about having the best rifle scope to hit the target right, it’s more about the attitude. Remember, not all hunters get the luck of going home successfully.


When hunting in parks, you have to know how to follow the rules. Certain hunting etiquettes should also be followed, like putting respect to other hunters and baiting is absolutely prohibited. Since you’ll be using your hunting gun, you also have to follow all the necessary safety rules and precautions. In which absolutely not all hunters do.

Hunting Success

If you really wanted to be successful at hunting , you probably have to learn some tips and tricks beforehand. Some hunters would even go for some hunting trainings and seminars early on before they indulge themselves into the actual hunting ground. Remember, it’s not just about shooting a prey, there’s an art and some precisions to consider.

Hunting is not a game. And it’s absolutely not for trigger happy people. Hunting is such a fulfilling activity, and that many hunters consider it a profession. So if you wanted to get that deer or elk, make sure that you are fully equipped, not just with hunting gears, but with the right knowledge on how to hunt right!

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The Legality of Air Rifle Use in Alberta

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When it comes to using air rifles, its legality has always been an issue.  Apparently, different cities, states and countries actually don’t have similar rules and laws about it. That’s why many are still confused about the real deal of using air guns.


If you are living in Canada, particularly in Alberta, you’re probably one of those people asking about the legal facet of using air rifles. There’s an existing rule which covers the legality of replica guns like an air rifle. However, it’s not something that all people are aware of.   It is then important that proper information should be disseminated to avoid slip-ups to happen.

 All About Air Guns

In order for you to understand all the legal matters that relate to air rifles, it is important that you also have a deep knowledge about how it works, how it is made and what to use it for? Experts were able to categorize air guns and were able to identify which ones are to be considered threats and which one is not.

The Canadian Firearm Act itself set certain muzzle velocity measurement before a gun can be classified as a firearm. Most air rifles are manufactured with standard specifications. Some of them are considered high powered air rifles, but they’re still considered non-restricted firearms. Yet, it would still vary depending on the actual design. Some air rifles can still be restricted if they have folding stock or they’re fully automatic.

Some other prohibited air guns are those considered a replica of a real firearm. For instance, air soft guns. In which, they have low velocity as well as muzzle energy, yet they fire plastic pellets. They resemble the model of a real firearm. Thus, they are most of the time prohibited.

air rifle

The Canadian Law

Talking about the legality of air rifles, it is then imperative that we have an idea about what the Canadian law state about firearms. Ignorance is never an exception to the law.

The law states the real definition of a firearm. It is a barreled weapon that fires and can be capable of hurting someone and even causing death. With such definition, it’s clear, air rifles are firearms. However, there’s always an exception to the rule.

It was in the year 1978 when the law enforcement made a clear definition between a low powered air gun and a high powered one. Several sections in stated in the rule made it clear that air guns are not to be considered firearms. It would depend on the strength of its muzzle velocity and energy.

Be Informed

If you happen to check the internet, you’ll see that there are still a great number of people in Canada, especially in Alberta who aren’t sure about the real rule and regulations about using air rifles. Given that, it is important that you get yourself aware of all its aspects. You certainly don’t want to end up in a police station just because you were caught carrying an air rifle with you. You can always seek the help of the right professionals or people who knows about guns and laws. That’s for your own safety!

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